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The Asia-Pacific is one of the last havens of untouched cruising in the world


The first South Pacific hub for superyachts after Panama, beautiful Tahiti (also called French Polynesia) comprises 118 extraordinary islands. The islands, all of volcanic origin, are divided into five different archipelagos: the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier, Austral and Society Islands, all with different geographical features. Tahiti is a cruising paradise for visiting yachts and very popular with charter yachts.
Tahiti, French Polynesia from the air

Visitors arriving by sea are able to feel the emotion that moved Captain Cook when in 1768 he first spotted what is now known as Tahiti. Cook was delighted at how easy it was to navigate amongst these islands and sail into the various lagoons through the passes naturally made in the coral fringed reef, and this easy pasaage remains true today.

Abundant marine wildlife can be found in Tahiti’s waters, which are renowned as a diving destination and for all water-based activities. Dive with a group of wild dolphins in Rangiroa, flirt with hundreds of sleek grey reef sharks in Fakarava, encounter the friendly sea turtles, admire thousands of groupers breeding, and enjoy speeding in the drift with pelagic fish.

Tahiti and her islands offer much more than peaceful scenic landscapes and incredible underwater worlds. Discover the well-balanced mix of Polynesian culture and luxury lifestyle in some of the lush mountainous islands and their high-end resorts, and delight in tucked-away atolls where you will feel like explorers on desert white sand islets. Enjoy the French heritage while dining in the finest restaurants or eating a crusty fresh baguette.
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