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Vanuatu's people are known for being friendly and welcoming.
Lying at 57 ̊56,  ̊Vanuatu’s population is primarily Melanesian and the people are known for their friendliness and sense of peace and contentment. Explore Vanuatu’s reaches and you’ll encounter different languages, customs and art on each island and in some cases, varying from village to village.
Culture - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
During World War II, Vanuatu (then known as the New Hebrides) was home to the most US soldiers in the Pacific outside of Pearl Harbour. England and France occupied Vanuatu for 74 years, up until Independence in 1980, and Port Vila retains a fascinating mixture of British, French, American, NZ, Australian, Vietnamese and Chinese influences. Step out of Port Vila, however, and you instantly find yourself in a very simple, traditional lifestyle, where people live off the land and practice tribal law and medicine. Make sure you watch one of the custom dances that are still practiced for indigenous ceremonies; most famous are Rom Dance, Water Music and Snake Dance
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