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A superyachting guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
The Asia-Pacific is one of the last havens of untouched cruising in the world


Consisting of over 180 islands, the Kingdom of Tonga is cruising heaven. Uninhabited pristine islands await the intrepid traveller who doesn’t mind sharing the waters with behemoth humpback whales, manta rays and infinite reef fish. With hundreds of safe anchorages and quaint harbours for your stay, The Kingdom of Tonga offers a journey like no other.
Tonga - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
Tonga is famous for providing opportunities to swim with whales, as the humpbacks gather in the warm waters of Vava’u to breed from July to October. On offer is a very intimate experience swimming with the curious and friendly whales, all set to the haunting backdrop of the humpbacks‘ love songs.

The Ha’amonga ‘a Maui (burden of Maui) trilithon, made of stones weighing 30-40 tonnes each, is thought to have been created to act as a gateway to the royal compound, Heket, and symbolises the brotherhood of the eastern and western stones. It’s a must-see to get a grasp on Tonga’s rich cultural history and start unearthing the fascinating layers of local tradition. Don’t pass up the chance to see stirring fire dance floor shows and sample a traditional Tongan feast.

The Kingdom also provides spots to see impressive blowholes, visit markets teeming with fresh produce and handicrafts, explore remote parts of the islands on a kart safari and try your hand at game fishing. Dive into Tonga’s crystalline waters and discover the true South Pacific.
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