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The Tahitian love for fresh ingredients is brought to life in dishes such as Poisson Cru - fish straight from the sea, marinated in just-picked coconut and lime juice
Taste - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
Tahitian cuisine is renowned for its fresh ingredients, especially fish, vegetables and fruits, which are prepared with a combination of Polynesian influence and French flair. Because of Tahiti’s long period of isolation, its cuisine is unique and distinct.

Every fresh fruit imaginable, including famously sweet pineapples, is on offer: more than 300 varieties of banana can be found here alone. The national dish is Poisson Cru, a dish of  melt-in-your-mouth fish marinated in coconut and lime. Make sure you also try Chevrettes, tasty freshwater shrimps. Local pork is also popular. For those with a sweet tooth, try po’e, a sweet pudding made from the taro root, flavoured with banana, vanilla, papaya and topped with coconut sauce.

Enjoy the very best of Tahitian cuisine at a tamaara’a (a Tahitian feast). Local dishes are served from an ahima’a (earth oven) and guests are entertained with the beautiful Polynesian songs and dance.
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