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Tahitians use music as a means of communication, telling stories and legends through dance and song.
Culture - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
Having been isolated for so many centuries, the Tahitians take pride in sharing their culture and lifestyle with guests. Always friendly, with a broad smile on their face, it will be with great pleasure that they will narrate their ancestors’ ocean oriented legends and take you to a ‘marae’, one of the ancient archeological sites where religious and political events were held prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

The Tahitians have always loved and considered music and singing as one of their means of communication. To the sound of the ukulele and toere drums, graceful traditional dancers will depict moving stories through refined gestures, songs and exquisite costumes.

Te Moana Nui (the big ocean) has always played a prominent role in the Polynesians’ everyday life, especially in the remote islands. Dancers and musicians will arrive on outrigger canoes for a private show on your yacht. These canoes reflect how attached the people are to the sea as it has remained the most popular sport in Tahiti. You will often see them practice at sunset for the famous yearly Hawaiki Nui canoe race, which takes place in November. There, hundreds of modern colourful outrigger canoes compete for a three day contest between the islands of Huahine and Bora Bora.

Of course, nothing symbolises Tahiti more than the Tahitian cultured pearl. Preciously cultured in the islands’ warm lagoons, and worn by all the Polynesians as a symbol of their attachment to the ocean this delicate pearl, the result of tireless efforts, features various shapes and incredible colours. None is alike and their uniqueness makes them rare and special. In the Tuamotu and Gambier islands, a visit to a pearl farm is a must.
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