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New Zealand’s coastline is teeming with fish and shellfish
Taste - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
New Zealand is heaven-on-earth for lovers of fine cuisine and award-winning wines. Drawing on influences from the many different cultures that make up the New Zealand population, including indigenous Maori cuisine, New Zealand’s cuisine is innovative and sophisticated. Part of New Zealand’s secret lies in its fortuitous geography. The diverse landscape that makes it an outdoor playground also means that an unusually wide variety of ingredients can be grown here. Add that to the rich coastline teeming with fish, shellfish and other goodies, and you have the recipe for a very special local cuisine.

Multicultural influences and a wide selection of ingredients to draw on make New Zealand a very natural home for the fusion approach to cooking. Blending flavours from around the Pacific Rim, this vibrant style is internationally popular, and trend setting. When it comes to cooking and eating in New Zealand, relaxed is often the keyword. Dining in New Zealand is generally an easy and unaffected time and protocols are few.
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