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A superyachting guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
The Asia-Pacific is one of the last havens of untouched cruising in the world


While the Philippines offers a wealth of cruising from South to North, most yachts stay around the brilliant scenery and prime anchorages of the Puerto Galera and Northern Mindano areas.

Day trips and overnight stays can be made to the white beaches of Mindano and Maricaban islands. There are great bars and restaurants along the beaches and a wealth of local culture to experience.


Hong Kong, at the mouth of the Pearl Delta, is a special economic zone of China, with a very unique flavour all its own. Hong Kong’s 236 islands studded with beaches provide unexpectedly stunning cruising, offsetting the fast pace of life in the world’s third largest financial centre
The Philippines, Hong Kong & Singapore - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries


Returning south along the Malay Peninsula you will arrive at the island city of Singapore. This is the financial shining star of South East Asia, and offers all the trappings of a modern city, all packaged together on a tropical island.

Singapore is also one of the busiest ports in the world and as such offers an unparalleled level of support facilities, as well as commercial shipyards and marinas. You will require some pre-arrival formalities, and pilotage for any vessel over GRT300, which must be booked well in advance
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