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A superyachting guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries
The Asia-Pacific is one of the last havens of untouched cruising in the world


This world famous vacation destination consists of several atolls lying off the coast of Sri Lanka, and stretching south into the Indian Ocean.

The Maldivian atolls are made up of hundreds of small islands, each ringed by white sandy beaches and dotted with pristine coral reefs. Between the islands, the water is an average of 50 metres deep, dotted with patches of vibrant reef, allowing great cruising during daylight hours.

At the edges of the atolls the water drops away to depths of over 2000 metres, offering some of the region’s best game fishing opportunities
Maldives & Sri Lanka - A superyacht guide to Asia Pacific cruising destinations, with sample itineraries


Sri Lanka’s 18 million strong population provides an intoxicating mix of cultures and diverse ethnic groups. With several deep-water ports, there are plenty of places to go ashore and explore the wonders that lie inland.

Explore the tea plantations, see the giant buddhas carved into the stone cliffs, or take an elephant ride into the local villages.
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